Korg Monotron is a small and, for its size, a very versatile synthesizer. If there would ever be a competition for the title My first synthesizer ever, Monotron would surely would have been placed first, as all controls are presented to the musician enface, without any menu diving at all. Currently, two newer models are also available, but the theme of this post is the original Monotron only.

An ability, which, in my opinion, Monotron lacks, is the storage of multiple settings. An on-paper storage would mitigate that, I thought. Searching on the Internet pointed to the Monotron recall sheet, but for my taste, it was too graphic, almost a reproduction of the real Monotron front panel; knobs were too small and the dirty-paper background was not helpful either.

Hence, I redrew the front panel more schematically. Wider knobs allow to see the angle, at which a knob is set, better. The overall picture is smaller, which allows to get ten settings onto a DIN A4 sheet instead of six. The overall ascetic quality of the settings sheet helps to avert distraction of the user. The published materials consist of three parts:

Below you can see the demo (the first file):

Monotron front panel (SVG)

The PDF file might be scaled to other paper formats; the crucial condition is the ability of the reader to recognize previously noted settings. The sheet was created using Inkscape.

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