USB armory is a flash drive sized secure computing device with an ARM processor. You may purchase it with a micro-SD card, on which a Debian is preinstalled. The preinstalled configuration enables a network connection from the host device. But should you want a different network configuration, for example one sharing Internet connexion from the host computer (look at these instructions), you will need this script to do it without much editing:

The last configuration, host, was created for using with host adapter and a wi-fi USB adapter (I used this one). After installing the packages wireless-tools and realtek-firmware and a little configuration in the file /etc/network/interfaces, it just worked. Of course, you will need to replace the strings SSID_of_a_wifi_network and PASSWORD_of_a_wifi_network with appropriate values to connect to your wi-fi network automatically; use wpa_passphrase to generate wi-fi password hashes.