Hello again! I decided to move this blog to postach.io. The pains of running blog using Hugo were adequately presented in this post by Diego Pettenò. As much as him, I neither like providing comments through Disqus, but, on other hand, I am getting most of my comments through Twitter and Facebook instead, so it does not matter that much. What I cared about more was the storage of (my own) images I use in my articles and how easy it is to use them. I tried Flickr with Hugo before and, well, it was the breaking point. Here, this is how easy it is now:

How I chose my next blogging platform

I used this article as a starting point. Markdown was a must, image storage had to be simplified and the comments management would be a nice feature. I made some notes about the candidates (an ellipsis "..." means it requires some consideration):

I also briefly considered to run TiddlyWiki as a blog, but this would mean both lack of indexing through Google, as TiddlyWiki is rendered by JavaScript, and also that each time the user would wish to read it he would have to download more than 2 MB (yes, I know, both issues can be mitigated by running TiddlyWiki with Node.js, but then I could edit it being online only).

As an active user of Evernote, postach.io was a winner among candidates for the next blog platform. It seems to have everything I need without all the everyday handicaps (especially regarding image storage!!!) the static site generators bring with them.

The second best candidate, to my dismay, was Wordpress, the platform I went away from before. Indeed, would I care as much about the comments as the author of the post above, I would have gone there.

Third place is divided between Medium and Tumblr, which in my opinion appear to be complimentary: Medium specialises in long reads, whereas on Tumblr you mostly have images with one or two paragraphs of text. I alternate between these two kinds, so neither one is appealing. And then the issue with the comments... Whereas Disqus locks the commentator into itself, both Tumblr and Medium practice the same thing, and nobody seems to notice. I already have two lock-ins, which I described in the introduction, and I do not need more of the same, at least not yet.


So, postach.io it is! And for now, it seems to work as a charm.